How to Install

Simple Assembly and Installation Instructions Agee Woodworks Mantels

Remove the scribes from the back of the header. (These will be attached to the inside opening of the mantel after it is installed.)

Attach legs to header of fireplace mantel with screws provided. Legs should fit perfectly into header where ‘biscuit’ cuts are.

Place fireplace mantel against the wall where you want to install. With the mantel held against the wall, draw a line across the top of the mantel, marking the height.

Find the location of the studs below the shelf line and mark the location of the studs on the line.

Place fireplace mantel back against the wall and with a drill, drill a hole through the shelf at a 45 degree angle through the sheetrock and stud.*

Drive a finishing nail into each stud (should hold the mantel firmly to the wall). If not proceed to next step.

Repeat the same process as above on each leg using studs at the base of the wall and floor line.

If you do not wish to use nails, liquid nail can be used as well.

Once your fireplace mantel is installed, place three scribes (attached to the back of the header) along inside opening of mantel and secure with liquid nail, finishing nails or wood glue.

*If applying the fireplace mantel to brick, masonry nails or liquid nail can be used.

If you have any other questions, please call 804-798-3678.