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Agee Team

How to Install
  Simple Assembly and Installation Instructions Agee Woodworks Mantels

Remove the scribes from the back of the header. (These will be attached to the inside opening of the mantel after it is installed.)

Attach legs to header of fireplace mantel with screws provided. Legs should fit perfectly into header where ‘biscuit’ cuts are.

Place fireplace mantel against the wall where you want to install. With the mantel held against the wall, draw a line across the top of the mantel, marking the height.

Find the location of the studs below the shelf line and mark the location of the studs on the line.

Place fireplace mantel back against the wall and with a drill, drill a hole through the shelf at a 45 degree angle through the sheetrock and stud.*

Drive a finishing nail into each stud (should hold the mantel firmly to the wall). If not proceed to next step.

Repeat the same process as above on each leg using studs at the base of the wall and floor line.

If you do not wish to use nails, liquid nail can be used as well.

Once your fireplace mantel is installed, place three scribes (attached to the back of the header) along inside opening of mantel and secure with liquid nail, finishing nails or wood glue.

*If applying the fireplace mantel to brick, masonry nails or liquid nail can be used.

If you have any other questions, please call 804-798-3678.
How to measure for your mantel
  How to measure for your mantel

How to Measure for a Fireplace Mantel

Will you be measuring to replace your current mantel with a new fireplace mantel, or are you measuring your fireplace to purchase your first mantel? Your measurements will be different depending on your needs, so we have supplied measuring guides for either situation below.

How to Measure Your Current Fireplace Mantel for a Replacement Mantel

If your area is simple then you may use the diagram below to determine which of our online sizes is best for you or you may determine that you need a custom mantel. Please keep in mind that these are mantel measurements, not the measurements of your fireplace, gas fireplace, or other area. These are just for the mantel itself.

A = Shelf length

B = Opening width of the mantel

C = Opening height of the mantel

D = Overall width of the mantel

E = Overall height of the mantel (from the floor or hearth to the top of the shelf)

F = Shelf depth

G = Return depth—also known as the projection.
This is the distance your mantel header and legs will project from the wall.

How to Measure Your Fireplace for a New Mantel

If you do not know what you want your actual mantel measurements to be or where to begin, please take some measurements of your existing fireplace area (see diagram below). You may not need to take all of these measurements. It is very important, however that you consider any windows or light switches that might prohibit the shelf –which is the widest point of the mantel.

A = Width of *facing material on one side of opening
B = Depth of facing material
C = Height of facing material
D = Total width of facing material
E = Height of hearth
F = Depth of hearth
G = Total Width of Hearth (this is often times the same as the total width of facing material)
H = Opening Height of Facing Material (might also be the same as the firebox opening height)
I = Opening Width of Facing Material (might also be the same as the firebox opening width)
J & K = Distance from a structure like a light switch or window to the facing material.

*Facing Material is brick, marble, tile, slate or any other material that surrounds the opening of a firebox or fireplace


Dear Carol,

Attached please find the before and after shot of my mantel. With all the electrical and breaker box issues I had, your expert advice found me a mantel that fit perfectly. I varied the mantel instructions a tad by placing the 3 thin, interior wood pieces above the fireplace rather than in the interior. It framed my picture which I liked.

Thank you Agee! From problem solving to design, you helped me transform my sitting room into a cozy and inviting environment!


Lori DeGaetano

Hi Carol!

I know it's been a long time, but I finally have pictures of the mantel installed at our beach house. We LOVE it! It just makes the room. Thank you for all your help. I am attaching the photos. Hope all is well there.

Thanks again!

Suzanne McCroskey


Thanks. Attached is pic of our mantel decorated for Christmas. I will send you another one after the first of the year.

Merry Christmas,

Doug McGraw

Hi there,

I promised to send some pictures of my fireplace mantel when I was finished building my colonial house. I am very happy with the quality and look of the mantel, and everything that was needed to install the mantel was included with the kit. Very easy to put together and install.

Thanks again, and a soon-to-be bedroom gas fireplace will have an Agee Woodworks mantel on it!

Chris Wajciechowski


The mantel you built for us worked out very nicely. We have had a quite a few compliments about the mantel!

Attached is a photo...I hope you like the picture.

Best regards,

Rob Martin

My family and friends are most impressed with the Agee Harrison Mantel you custom designed for us. The entire experience from ordering, modifying our custom request with Carol on the phone, all of the help from your staff, the receipt of the mantel in excellent condition here in California, the ease of assembly and installation was most pleasant and very efficient. We are thrilled with the mantel! The mantel adds so very much to the warmth and ambiance of our home. We will enthusiastically recommend Agee Mantels to all our friends and my business associates in my career as a commercial real estate executive.

Sincerely, and with great respect and appreciation,

COL (ret.) Bill & Mrs. Robin Wenger
El Segundo, California
I received my mantel a week ago, finally opened it, and I am so pleased. Put a coat of paint on it and it's beautiful. I referred a friend to mine, that admired my mantel, to you yesterday. I have looked on the web for awhile and the prices were ridiculous, your price was lower and now that I see the product, I guess you can get a great deal and quality also. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for such a beautiful mantle. It has totally changed the appearance of our living room and we have received many wonderful compliments on the quality.

Huntington Station, NY

Fireplace MantleHello Carol:

We finally got the mantels finished. We first stained them white, but were just too stark. Our decor is French country, so we stained them a weathered pale-yellow. This is a two-sided fireplace; one side being the family den, so we wanted that mantel more plain.

The other side is the living room, which we applied detail to make it a little dressier. We've had so many good comments on how pretty they are, just wanted to share with you. Be blessed.



I'm very pleased with the quality and fit of my new mantle and recommend your company for its superior workmanship and product value. Thanks for helping me build the perfect mantle for my decor - all from an internet photo!

Smithtown , NY
Hi Carol:
As I promised, I have attached two photos of my new mantel. I am very very satisfied, and it fit perfectly. we made our own custom Minwax stain using two colors at a 3 to 1 ratio, and stained, sealed and varnished to a gloss finish, wow was [my wife] impressed, the workmanship of your builders in your shop really showed through in the final product.

Ken and Yolanda
Tinley Park, Illinois
Christine MantleJust wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I love the mantle. It fits perfectly and it arrived right when you said it would. My husband put it up tonight and we love it. Thanks again!

Dear Carol,

A totally positive experience working with Agee Woodworks. Starting with the first email to the personal telephone calls, all was handled as if we had a personal design team working for us.

From the timely communications, to the "ahead of promised" delivery, to the beautiful craftsmanship and unbelievable pricing, there is no other choice for your mantle needs.

With warm regards,
Kingston, NY
I am writing to express my extreme pleasure for the Georgian fireplace I purchased from your company. It is absolutely beautiful! My husband was initially skeptical about the "need" for it, but now says it brings the whole room to life!

Three friends also dropped over to see it, and based on their comments, you will probably have three more customers! Thank you so much for the beautiful fireplace, and for the warm and personal customer service!

Diane Vorhis
Apple Valley , MN
The mantle shelf that you made arrived in perfect shape.We are extremely delighted that it fit perfectly. The precision is amazing. Your attention to detail and accuracy could not be better. It was a pleasure dealing with such friendly, cooperative and competent people.
Thank you for an outstanding job.

Oldwick, NJ
Just wanted to send a photo and thank you for the excellent workmanship that went into your fireplace mantle. I installed it myself and it looked great for it's first Christmas.

Clarks Summit, PA
I received my mantle shelf today and it is actually more than I expected. Your quality work is greatly appreciated as is the quickness with which you were able to complete the job. Your commitment to quality is evident in my mantle/shelf. I'm surely glad I stumbled across your website.

If I ever get a question about where to buy a mantle---the answer will be Agee!! Many thanks and I hope you and your staff have a very Happy Holiday Season.

Tom Smith
Norristown, PA
fireplace mantle - peter

I spent many hours looking for a quality mantel at a reasonable price both at local supply houses and on the internet and Agee Woodworks was by far the best value. From design to delivery, I was very happy both in the manner in which we proceeded and especially in the final product. As an owner of a pre-Revolutionary War home with six fireplaces, I'll certainly be emailing Agee Woodworks when I replace the other mantels in my home.


fireplace mantle AliceLike many built just after the 1906 earthquake, our Victorian apartment in the heart of San Francisco has beautiful woodwork detailing. We like to balance contemporary furniture with the classic features of our house. In looking for a mantle, we therefore wanted a design that echoed the woodwork detailing of the house, while also achieving a simple and clean design that would harmonize with our furniture. Based only on a photograph of a door frame, Agee Woodworks did wonders in creating this elegant and sympathetic mantle.

Alice and Adam
San Francisco
fireplace mantle brian

On top of your fantastic service, the mantle is a superior product. You can see from the construction that your husband and staff know what they are doing. The mantle is very well made, and I am sure it will last us many, many years. We have already had a few friends ask us where were got the mantle. I have directed them to your website, and informed them that I would highly recommend Agee Woodworks for service, quality products and very reasonable pricing.

Thanks again,
Brian Preloh
Arlington, Virginia

fireplace mantle tim"I came across Agee Woodworks on Ebay. I needed an oversized Cobblestone mantel, and the folks at Agee worked with me to determine my exact needs. I found the staff at Agee to be knowledgeable and very responsive. They provided me with a cost-effective shipping source, and they built my mantel to my exact specifications very quickly. I'm thrilled with the mantel and the whole experience working with Agee. I wholeheartedly recommend them!"

Roseville, MN
Agee Woodworks, I want to thank you for the high-quality customer service you provided me throughout the measuring and installation process of my custom mantel. Several times throughout the process I was very apprehensive but you all made me feel at ease. The mantel arrived in perfect condition and to the exact specifications. The detail and craftsmanship of this mantel, with all the special touches you added per my request, are absolutely amazing. My friends and family ask where I found such a perfect mantel and I recommend Agee Woodworks without hesitation every time.
Alexandria Virginia
We Customize!!!

Mantels, Bookshelves, Shelves...we can do it ALL.

Personalize your space or update the look of your fireplace with a custom fireplace mantel. Installing a unique fireplace mantel from Agee Woodworks is an affordable way to accent your fireplace and create an interior that matches your taste. We handcraft classic fireplace mantels and offer three collections: our affordably priced Value Fireplace Mantels, our elegant Designer Fireplace Mantels and our high-end Premium Fireplace Mantels.

You can customize any of our fireplace mantels to meet your space requirements. Each mantel we produce is built from the measurements provided – we don’t have stock sizes. In additional to height and width, our measurements from custom mantels include:

  • Outside Return Depth
  • Shelf Depth
  • Shelf Thickness
  • Leg Width
  • Header

Just select the mantel style you desire and go to the Customize Your Mantel Page from the Mantel Size Confirmation area. It’s that simple. We will build your custom fireplace mantel so that it fits your fireplace and space correctly. If you are unsure about how to measure your current fireplace mantel for a replacement or how to measure your fireplace, check out our measuring guide.

Unique Fireplace Mantel Just For You

Still don’t see what you want? Email a photo to us at and we will try to replicate it, creating a unique fireplace mantel just for you! Also, feel free to call us toll free 877-768-3678 with any questions regarding custom mantels.

Why Agee
Why Choose Agee Woodworks for Your Fireplace Mantel Needs?
Our ustomers purchase their fireplace mantels from Agee Woodworks for three simple reasons: service, quality and customization.

Not all fireplace mantels are created equal, and not all rooms with fireplaces are the same. When you order from Agee Woodworks, you aren’t ordering a fireplace mantel that is identical to hundreds of other fireplace mantels that have been sitting for months in a warehouse overseas.

At Agee Woodworks, our hand-crafted fireplace mantels are made-to-order at our warehouse in Ashland, Virginia. Whether our customers order a fireplace mantel design from our website or they send a custom design for us to duplicate, they know their fireplace mantel is specifically built just for them.
Unparalleled Customer Service

We understand that for some of our customers, the vast number of choices for fireplace mantels can be overwhelming. But at Agee Woodworks, we can offer expert advice on purchasing fireplace mantels so that you can choose one that best reflects your style. Our online store guides customers through a series of options, from value fireplace mantels to custom fireplace mantels and fireplace mantel shelves. And if our customers have absolutely no idea what they need to do to order a fireplace mantel, they can begin with measuring their fireplace at our how to center, or contact us because that’s what we’re here for. We’ll walk them through the process!

Superior Quality Craftsmanship
Our goal is to create a product that our customers can enjoy for a lifetime, so we use the highest quality materials to build beautiful fireplace mantels that can transform your fireplace.
From the company’s humble beginnings in a basement more than ten years ago to the 7,500 sq. ft facility where the fireplace mantels are made today, the staff at Agee Woodworks has remained committed to building a superior product for each and every customer.

From start to finish, each mantel is assigned to one specific craftsman who is responsible for constructing the piece. When a fireplace mantel is ordered, we get to work, constructing the frame based on the inside opening. The legs, header and shelf are applied to the frame, enabling us to customize our sizes for each and every mantel that we build. Next, we apply specific accessories that determine the style of the mantel, and with the basic construction completed, the mantel is sanded and ready for finishing. We can prime, paint or stain our mantels here in our shop, or they can be delivered unfinished.

Custom Fireplace Mantels
Because our fireplace mantels are made-to-order and built onsite, we are able to create custom fireplace mantels to meet our customers’ specific needs.

One of our customers found a fireplace mantel design he liked at a competitor’s site, but the mantel was only available in certain “fixed” sizes. Like many of our customers who need custom fireplace mantels, he came to us for a design to meet his unique circumstances. We were able to duplicate the fireplace mantel style and customize it to his specifications.

Other requests for custom fireplace mantels have included:
  • A fireplace mantel built so the shelf could hold an electrical outlet
  • A double fireplace mantel built for a fireplace and a TV inset in the wall above the fireplace (just in time to hang Christmas stockings)
  • Fireplace mantels custom built to fit a tight area near a window, door or electrical outlet
  • Fireplace mantel shelves custom designed and built to cap stone
  • An assortment of fireplace mantels and shelves with deeper shelves and return depths to clear thick brick surrounds

Agee Team

To order custom fireplace mantels online, be sure you have a design style in mind, or choose from our fireplace mantel design styles. Order online or call us at 877-768-3678, Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm.

How do I contact you?
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