How to Measure for a Mantel

Will you be measuring to replace your current mantel with a new fireplace mantel, or are you measuring your fireplace to purchase your first mantel? Your measurements will be different depending on your needs, so we have supplied measuring guides for either situation below.

How to Measure Your Current Fireplace Mantel for a Replacement Mantel
If your area is simple then you may use the diagram below to determine which of our online sizes is best for you or you may determine that you need a custom mantel. Please keep in mind that these are mantel measurements, not the measurements of your fireplace, gas fireplace, or other area. These are just for the mantel itself.

A = Shelf length

B = Opening width of the mantel

C = Opening height of the mantel

D = Overall width of the mantel

E = Overall height of the mantel (from the floor or hearth to the top of the shelf)

F = Shelf depth

G = Return depth—also known as the projection.
This is the distance your mantel header and legs will project from the wall.

How to Measure Your Fireplace for a New Mantel

If you do not know what you want your actual mantel measurements to be or where to begin, please take some measurements of your existing fireplace area (see diagram below). You may not need to take all of these measurements. It is very important, however that you consider any windows or light switches that might prohibit the shelf –which is the widest point of the mantel.
A = Width of *facing material on one side of opening
B = Depth of facing material
C = Height of facing material
D = Total width of facing material
E = Height of hearth
F = Depth of hearth
G = Total Width of Hearth (this is often times the same as the total width of facing material)
H = Opening Height of Facing Material (might also be the same as the firebox opening height)
I = Opening Width of Facing Material (might also be the same as the firebox opening width)
J & K = Distance from a structure like a light switch or window to the facing material.

* Facing Material is brick, marble, tile, slate or any other material that surrounds the opening of a firebox or fireplace.